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Are you ready for something pretty that you can hang on the wall at home? I totally get that! Let us think of an original concept and make sure you will have an unforgettable day. A nice memory, all within a neat piece of art!



€ 349,99


Photoshoot with digital photo illustration €349.99


This is included for free:

  • An intake interview on location or digitally;

  • An introduction + photo shoot of 1 hour at a location near you;

  • Five beautifully edited photos of you and/or your family;

  • One unique photo illustration as a digital file.



This photo-illustration can also be delivered as a poster, aluminum print, photograph on a canvas or anything in that range. If there is a need for that then the customer will be charged for the costs of printing.

All mentioned private prices include VAT and exclude travel costs (€0.35 per km)



€ 199,99


Illustrations on a submitted photograph of good quality.


This is included for free:

  • A telephone intake to discuss your idea and determine the quality of the photo;

  • Regular updates regarding the illustrations and how they will look like;

  • One unique photo illustration, on a photo chosen by you;



Hereby you will be given the possibility to receive a printed version. For example: a wall circle, photograph poster, textile poster or window sticker. Any of these additional costs will be added to the total price.

All mentioned private prices above include VAT.



Want to make your office building stand out? Or maybe you would like to attract attention to your website? Anything is possible! I would like to think along with everything that you want to portray. With or without photography, de possibilities are endless.

Batterij 2.jpg

 Website paCKAGE

vanaf € 1199-,

Super Mirko met filter.jpg

Kunstwerk pakket

1 FOR € 349-, 2 FOR  € 599-,


Content subscription

FROM € 149-, per mONTH

Need cool headers and/or photos for your website? Search no further! I'd love to help you make sure your website really stands out.


This includes:

  • An intake in which we discuss our ideas;

  • An introductory meeting + photoshoot of minimally 2 hours at your location;

  • Updates on a regular basis about your up-and-coming illustrations;

  • Four digital photo-illustrations which you can use as headers and/or original content for your website.


Do you already have beautiful photos and would you like to provide them with illustrations? That is also a possibility! Then contact us so that we can see together what fits best for you.

All stated business prices are exclusive of VAT and exclusive of travel costs (0.35 per km.)

Social media is a necessity for any company. Are you ready to really stand out? Then these photo-illustrations will provide the perfect solution for you!


The following will be included:

  • Monthly intakes in which we will discuss what I will be making for you;

  • A creative and enthusiastic collaboration;

  • One photo-illustration per month on a submitted picture of great quality by you.

  • Fixed prices for at least 6 months.



Of course there are possibilities for a more intensive collaboration where I provide more content for you. If this is what you are searching for, then I would suggest to seek contact in which a appropriate price can be discussed.

All stated business prices are exclusive of VAT and exclusive of travel costs (0.35 per km.)

1 for €349,- 2 for €599,-

Do you want to have an awesome piece of art that you can display at your job? For example of your colleagues, to inspire or just to stand out a little bit extra on the outside? Then it is time for a photo-illustration!

The following will be included:

  • An intake + introductory meeting to discuss our ideas;

  • We schedule in a photoshoot of about 60 minutes;

  • Updates on a regular basis about your illustrations;

  • Your unique photo-illustration in a digital file.



Naturally I provide the possibility to deliver these files printed as well. If this is what you are looking for then the customer will be charged with the additional printing costs.


All stated business prices are exclusive of VAT and exclusive of travel costs (0.35 per km.)

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