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Moments well captured.
With a hint of illustration.

low treshold

Every photo illustration is a melting pot of ideas. From the start till the very end you will be involved with the whole process. Neat right?

Especially for you

Your Inkluded creation is 100% unique. Each line has been carefully drawn and all colors have been deliberately chosen, in the theme that appeals to you.

Photos and illustrations combined

Photography and illustration together, find that somewhere else. The best of both worlds in a one of a kind work of art.

Beautiful printing (optional)Inkluded-creaties

Hey! I am Nadjesda Koomen. A creative person who loves to search for the fine line between reality and imaginative concepts. Full of style and very stylish. With a twist, that is something I am crazy about

Included is created because of my unparalleled love for photography and illustration. This is the way to think a little bit more out-of-the-box. Recognizable? Then you might be a true Inkluder. This is the moment to show your creative side!

Super Mirko met filter_edited.jpg

Photography and illustration

Cool illustrations make the perfect picture. From genius ideas to artistic photo illustrations. And that with the following steps:


Step 1

Brilliant brains

Fashion illustrations in a family portrait? Want to make your wedding photo even more unique? Sounds good! Let us discuss your ideas. Have no inspiration currently? Don’t worry. My brain is exploding with creativity. Let’s make some beautiful art!


Step 2

Fascinating photos

strike a pose. Smile with your eyes. Say cheese! You get it: a photoshoot. Alone, with friends, family members or with your pet. You name it, my camera will frame it. I share the three most striking pictures and you have the final say which picture you find most beautiful.

Illustreren_-_zonder_achtergrond 1.jpg

Step 3

Typical drawings

Chosen your picture? I use my digital pencil and illustrate around this picture. Layer for layer. Color for color. A game of lines that will create a smile on your face. This is the moment where your idea comes into the picture. Quite literally.


Step 4

Beautiful printing (optional)

Your one-of-a-kind-creation is a real eyecatcher. One that you want to give a nice spot in your living room.
I collaborate with a printing business that can turn your digital photo-illustration into a poster, plexiglass or any other type of printing job. Enough choice to be made!

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