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My name is Nadjesda, proudly named after my Russian grandmother. All my life I have loved to draw, something I still love to do. When I was 16 I got a real SLR camera for my graduation and that's where my love for photography started. It was only 3 years ago that I could combine these two passions, after a creative inspiration. And so Inkluded: Photography & Illustrations Inkluded was born.

Low threshold

Every photo illustration is a melting pot of ideas. From the start till the very end you will be involved with the whole process. Neat right?

especially for you

Your Inkluded creation is 100% unique. Each line has been carefully drawn and all colors have been deliberately chosen, in the theme that appeals to you.

Photos and illustrations combined

Photography and illustration together, find that somewhere else. The best of both worlds in a one of a kind work of art.

Just imagine

Capture this! An image of you as an astronaut or prima ballerina with a Pokémon on your shoulder. Everything is possible at Inkluded. Which theme you might have in mind: I will make work of it. With pleasure of course. My camera, photoshop skills and digital pen are on the ready. Let’s do this!

Do you want an Included creation in which only you are depicted? Or would you rather want one together with your pet, closest group of friends or with your entire family? Let them join! On a safe distance of course. In just 4 steps you will receive your photo-illustration from Inkluded. An artwork that will put a smile on your face. Want to find out how I work precisely?


What others say about Inkluded

Pascal Mayo.jpg


“Nadjesda is really good and precise in what she does and she has exactly made what we had in mind. We would like to recommend her to everyone!”



“Nadjesda is creative and really amazing when it comes to illustrating photos. She thinks along with you, provides solutions, delivers results quickly and understands what you ask from her.”



“The pictures alone have turned out beautiful but with the illustrations of Nadjesda they have become true pieces of art. We are super happy with these unique pictures on our wall.”

Superhelden groot.jpg


“Personal, enthusiastic and professional are the words that fit our experience with Inkluded. From the start Nadjesda has been actively involved in the process and she thought along with all of the options for us.”

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